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Dynamic in FARA AFGHAGOU and Ouagadale

By Rania LaBid 26/11/2018 at 26/11/2018

Moroccan Carnfra Calls Atlas Mountain

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Kiosque360 In order to combat the cold, two medical cowboys of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR) were deployed in the Oaiseur and Enfgau.

On the high instructions of King Mohammed VI, the health service of the FAR has taken place in two field hospitals, one in the Ouzurite (Azilal region) and the second in the Unfgu (Midल्ट province), reports Al Ahdath In its last version.

For this purpose, two medical counties were sent this week to serve these hospitals. The first caravan is made up of 23 doctors and 6 nurses. 16 doctors and 19 nurses second.

Two people also transferred medicines and medical and paramedical instruments to the benefit of the local population.

By Rania LaBid

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