Tuesday , January 31 2023

El Hossea: To the formation of the Media House


The contract for the formation of the Media House in El Hosseema was done on Friday evening, between the provincial Prefecture, Provincial Council and Moroccan National Press Syndicate (SNPM) al Hosseema division.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Culture and Communication, this conference is a part of the press and the freedom of the media and the constitutional provisions of the constitutional scheme. Communication department

The goal of this scheme is to normalize the role of media in all regions of the state, so that they can strengthen the professional capabilities of journalists through numerous training and continuous training mechanisms and to establish free, professional, responsible and reliable media in the media industry and sectors to ensure their affiliation.

With the budget of 4 million Darhman, the media house, which was signed in the ceremony under the chairmanship of cultural and communications minister Mohammed Larraj, will be the seat of meeting in the meeting. Includes national and international press conferences and training sessions in information and communication related fields.

Sources said that press conferences will be used to create representatives of journalists who participate in various programs organized in the provinces and institutional films in various fields.

In this social-cultural neighborhood of proximity, it will help strengthen the press regional and strengthen the role of regional press, especially in the context of observing achievements in this field.

It will increase the heritage and local memory of the region and contribute to its influence in harmony with the objectives of the al-Hosseema region's celestial development program, "Al-Hosimah, Manat al-Al-Mutawatat". .

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