Wednesday , September 28 2022

Huawei is to become the first smartphone maker in Morocco


World's no. 2 focuses on training and a historical customer approach, which provides technologies that meet all the needs.

Within a few years, Huawei has become the second largest smartphone manufacturer serving up to a third of the world's population. A meticulous growth whose recipe is a simple expression: knowing its customers that we can adapt its offer … and make its products bestseller.

It is essential to say that the history of consumer culture at Huewei is very long. When it was founded in 1987, the company initially paid only $ 3,000. But a clear goal: to encourage the information society in which people are interconnected. To achieve this, the company puts itself on the guideline service: customer approach Huawei likes to focus on all its strategies on its users, which keeps them as fast as possible.

Thirty years later, this approach has remained the same. Huawei takes into account the current and future needs of its customers as the ultimate goal of its mission and development. At all levels of the company's organization, the customer approach works as a company's powerful integration force. And because Huawei is not listed in the stock market, the company is resistant to any pressure from its shareholders! As a result, she has given more power to create long-term outlook by focusing more fully on its customers.

There is a huge variety of smartphones offered by this manufacturer. In Morocco, for example, users are buggy for choice. Among the unacceptable Nova 3i and Nova 3, the popular P20 Pro or the new Y9 2019, Huawei provides devices that meet the expectations of all profiles: young people, adults and professionals benefit from the most advanced technologies, the most accessible in the market.

Huwie's success can also be explained by Brand's heavy focus on finding new talent. In order to increase its competitiveness, its recruitment system has become a reference to case studies and many experts. Huawei is the first company to hold recruitment competitions in universities and colleges in China.

In Morocco, Huawei launched "Huawei Seeds for the Future" initiative in September, in partnership with the National Ministry of Education, Management Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research. This unique program encourages excellence in technological education at Moroccan universities and aims to provide employment opportunities for young people in the IT field. With "Huawei Seeds for Future", the most qualified students will be able to train in advanced technologies like 5G, LTE and Cloud computing for two weeks and go to Shenzhen, where Huawei is headquartered!

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