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Inta: To adopt Morocco-EU agricultural agreements

By Mohammed Chakir Alaui 24/11/2018 at 14h55

Morocco-EU Agreement

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The International Trade Commission (INTA) from the European Parliament is leading the adoption of Monday's agriculture agreements between the EU and Morocco on December 3, which also concerns renewal. Fishing contracts including the Saharan provinces

This commission is one of the 22 committees and sub-committees of the European Parliament. This body was contacted by a delegation of Moroccan parliamentary consultants this week, led by Mohammed Chikh Bayedelah, co-chairman of the friendship group between Morocco and the EU.

In a statement issued on Saturday, Gills Pernenaux, French Socialist Euro-deputy and co-chairman of the Moroccan-European Parliamentary Friendship Group, Gilles Parnecks said that many members of INNT "want to adopt" on Monday. On December 3, he described it as "win-win" for the EU and Morocco.

The European Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee adopted it on Wednesday by the vast majority of the bilateral agricultural agreements.

Gilles Pegnex also said that he had discussed with Mohammed Chikh Baidilah with many topics relating to migration, safety and terrorism.

For national reasons, he expressed the hope that "Algieri and Moroccan people will settle themselves" invites Algeria to Geneva's meeting on the eve of the day, to find a solution that "satisfies everyone's world."

"We must reopen the Algerian border with Morocco," he urged.

By Mohammed Chakir Allau

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