Friday , January 27 2023

Invincible requests engineers to engage in politics


Invincible requests engineers to engage in politics

The chairman of the National Rally of Independents (RNI), Aziz Akhanchouch, was called on Saturday to tangear, engineers and young people to take interest and blends into politics, to hear and call their voices. Contribute to the success of Morocco's development model.

The chairman of the Deutsche Party, who spoke against 1,100 engineers RNISS during the first accusation of party engineers, encouraged young engineers to remain seriously armed, devoted, ambition and especially together. High understanding of citizenship to combat the political world with the ultimate goal of serving Fatherland

Akhnach said that politics should be conceived as a tool to give the best to contribute to the building and contribute to the progress of Morocco under the enlightened leadership of HM Raja. Members of the political bureau of RNI, as well as members of Morocco and Europe, attended this conference.

Mr. Akhenbach emphasized the role of the engineer in the development of Morocco, especially with their overview of the world's science and technology, and their proven development, and their proven contributions to the social and economic development of the country.

In a statement to the press, Mr. Akhennay emphasized the importance of this "quality" meeting with the engineers, "95 to 96% of which have joined the political party for the first time", the engineer is capable of providing valuable and "help policy strategic decisions".

This meeting is the first in a series of meetings with other social-professional categories of the Kingdom, Akhnchau said.

Ahmed Hossain, chairman of RNI Engineering Corps, welcomed the opening of this community to his community, which is always outside the political game, but who can afford a lot for the development of the country ".

Mr. Hori asserted that RNI "has carried out a unique experience of engineering supervision in the framework of the active political existence, which has progressed through a simple formal organization in which there is an effective coordination to meet the challenges. Seriously."

This meeting work is divided into two panels, focused on engineer and policy and engineer and development model. These panel employees and party officials, Rachid Talby Alami, Mohamed Aujjar and Amina Bankhadra, and under the leadership of the RNI engineers of France and Germany.

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