Sunday , August 7 2022

Le Matin – 5,05 milliards de DH de bénéfice à fin septembre


At the time of the septembre, the performances of the performances of the performances of Marcus and Maroc.

You can not afford to pay an attachment to the bank. In the end, it has been reported that the company has a total of 16,739 milliards per DH, so the bond of 3,5% sur un. The morgue reserve is 10,442 milliards of DH, contrary to the 9,5 milliards in 2017. Quantum márta sur commissions, 3,775 milliards après 3,477 milliards un plus plus.
Toujours's finer septembre, leaning at a rate of 7,377 milliards per year, was at 1,39%.
Lee's portion of the group was at 3,44% in the DH, which is only 5,05 milliards of DH (+ 1,13%). au Maroc. In effect, it compares the societal montrent queue to the bottom of 3,82% to 3,588 milliards of DH. Son PNB a, lui, atteint 9,055 milliards contained 8,922 milliards sur méme période 2017.
Pep rappel, a premier semestra in 2018, attributed to the bank's availability of binoculars and record 5.52% of the DH of 3,44 milliards. Le RNPG has resorted to 2,8 milliards, so it's a 6.5% sur un. Le PNB a connu, which is a part of the millennial of DH 11,29 milliards.
Laurus du premier semester, the banquet avail itself to the poverty line with the PMEE, the TPE and the benefits of the differents.

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