Friday , June 18 2021

Lee Muttan – Ethiopian director Hayl Gererma will be jury president

Rabat Festival of Culture and Arts Association inaugurated the 23rd Rabat International Film Festival on Friday 16th November. The inaugural ceremony marked two indispensable initiatives given by the actress in Morocco
Fathima Harandi (Ruia), Egyptian actor Mahmud Hameedah

The film "Family Afriar", a Japanese film by Japanese Hiroce Cora Eda, received a Palme d'Or in 2018 Cannes Film Festival. Welcome to our filmmakers from other countries to welcome their cinematic experiences and to share with our professionals in this area. What's happening in all such programs is the festival of modern cinema, which is held in a rich program in Rabat, which will show 72 films in his capital to see a huge audience, out of which 14 will be in the official competition.
In this 23rd edition, Lebanon takes the position of a magnificent guest proud to unveil its cinematography. Festival President abdulkhakh manrakk pointed out, "this paripatiyilutanilam, the wishes of the great king, Mohammed VI, this extraordinary city of harvest and deserve nimisannalayirunnu capital of culture. The festival is the most important changes that encourage us know rabattin a agheasamakkan, culture and art. Therefore, the winners of this event Our concern is to continue our intense efforts of staff erppatakkanum action. The official competitions, conferences, workshops and sections in addition to the classic works that the organizers of this relationship is to keep living in the Moroccan plan to present a panorama of the inhabitants of the film, including outside of the meareakkeaykk.
The venue for the inaugural ceremony was a symbol of the Moroccan movie Raueya. Hassan Benchllan, director of the moracine film, a great woman in the film. I was an inspiration to myself. She is one of the actresses who plays a minor role. His poetry goes into all hearts, "Benchellen adds to Fatwa Haranti, a strong emotion in front of this great memory." Thanks to this audience and these tears shared with me. I love everybody who loves the movie and I love the virus which is a virus. The second honor is for the Egyptian actor Mahmud Hamidah alone, and in Morocco the second time he can not express his joy. "The last time I came to, I was in this same generous welcome and kept the public in my memory. I will not hesitate for a moment to the Minister viliccuvaruttumpeal me. It was haile gerimayute Ethiopian director and the Chairman of the US-led sarreasinre Knowles, a good time to introduce the second competition of the official competition of the two jurimare. It's a beautiful evening, or Were. And then, the Festival has arrived in celebration. Sinimakkarute looking forward to the thought of the film, in other conferences led by industry experts, and workshops.

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