Wednesday , May 18 2022

Lig 1 1 | Transfer: Mohammed Lam will move from "Lando" satellite FC to Fellow Star …


Lig 1 1 | Transfer: Mohammed Lam Saia

Lig 1 1 | Transfer: Mohammed Lam will move from "Lando" satellite FC to Fellow Star …

Coach Mohamed Lamine Sinla is commonly known as Landrod, and has collaborated with Ratoma Satellite Football Club. He joined another Liga 1 Club, Fellow Star de Lab.

Check out a few months ago FC SatelliteLandro began well. He was able to retain the club under the most complex circumstances at the end of the 2017-2018 season. The club's coach has moved to other goals when the club's leaders are tired. " Trust is the foundation of a creative relationship. If my selections are not respected in the club, I think I'm no longer required to continue … "A CIS radio was certified by a man.

On Thursday, Dean started a new adventure Fellow Star in the lab, Replace it Sulaiman Kamara (Now the national U-23 team is in charge). The terms of this agreement are now limited. However, the Mohammedi Lamine Sila is now on all the big shirts in Guyan Football, and is sure to surrender to his dome.

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