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MacArth Grand Prix: Fear threats F3


The pictures are mad and the cold cold behind them. The accident occurred during the F3 race in China, Macao.

Screenshot, Youtube

Sophia Flush's car could quickly be pulled out of a mad speed, and then the race was diminished when it got into a reserved booth for photographers, there were marshals.

The 17-year-old German pilot was seriously injured, but not surprisingly, her life was in danger.

After a few hours of her arrival in the hospital, she was ecstatic about her health on her Twitter account.

"I tell you that on Monday morning I can perform a surgery." Thank you for your promotional messages. "

Screenshot, Youtube

Florence never lost consciousness, but she complained about the pain of the scene. Doctors who reached the hospital found a backbone, which really needs surgery.

In addition to the flooring, four others have been admitted to the hospital. Another pilot, including the Shuusoosi, received a head injury. He lowered the pain, but there was more fear in his case.

Local media reports have reported about the damage caused by the incarceration in the crash jeopardy of a crude jaw. Photographer Weng Wang was shot dead on the lake. His colleague Hiroyi Minami was a brainbath.

Before the impact, three single-seater cars were long and long ago.

Some cars crashed, and the poor driver was like a missile, that word is not exaggerated, in the sky.

On Sunday, the pilot Sophia Flosech suffered serious injuries after a rare accident occurred at the Makovac Circuit in China.

Screenshot, Youtube

On Sunday, the pilot Sophia Flosech suffered serious injuries after a rare accident occurred at the Makovac Circuit in China.

Florek photographers are at a speed of 200 km.

Last summer, Robert Robert Weakens reminisced him on the Pocono IndyCar Serial Circuit, its magnificent security fence.

However, the organizers decided to resume the event after the damage was done. However, according to many witnesses, these repairs are being carried out …

The incident happened at number fourE Test round. Shortly before, two cars were quickly exhausted before the eligibility test, eliminating another disaster before being excluded.

The signals fire on roadside. By the way, cars are still running high.

In the past, many observers have condemned the incident that the FIA ​​World Cup f3 calls it.

The temporary circuit, the speed, the danger that is placed on the streets of the city is very dangerous, sometimes very complex and especially unsaved.

Last year, British Daniel Haggetty lost a circuit block on his racing motorcycle and lost his life in Makkah.

Another bike in Hong Kong, after Portugal's Lus Carreira and the car driver Philip Yoh, lost his life after the death of 2012.

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