Sunday , August 1 2021

Meeting in Bernese on the Eco Effect of Yellow Wests

Economy and Finance Minister announced Sunday that they will meet business and craft representatives on Monday and will initially assess the movement of "Yellow Vests" on sales and economic activity. . Since the start of the Yellow Vests movement last week, opponents have blocked the access to shopping centers in France because Christmas shopping starts, while the road network increases.

"I meet the traders, craftsmen, commerce and industry chambers and the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Finance, to inform them of the economic situation tomorrow, what is the current sales and impact on our economy and the results should be pulled out," said BFMTV. Bruno Le Meyer said on. He said that he was involved in insurance companies and public investment Ta Bank, bepiphrensane business ask you to help the "have not been covered in this type Backlash related events today." "I want to stay with everyone," he said.

The minister had announced that he would set a "green loan" to finance the purchase of car, while beneficiaries of conversion premium would receive their help. According to him, this bonus comes after "two, three, four months" after the purchase. "I tell banks to put a green loan that will provide money for these two, three, four months in which the home's least possible management fees and the lowest possible conversion rate will not be available. Energy transit is the lowest possible to meet people's needs. , "He said that.

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