Wednesday , August 4 2021

Naf Agued: "We Think More More to Me"

Nigh Aggressive

Dijonis Player Nigh Aggressive Commented on this good result for the DJ team against Bordeaux, 18th in the league 1 standings. "We did well. If we are sorry, then it is not about this game, it is more about the past. We played well, especially in the other half, we got dominance, we pushed, we had late opportunities. I think one point is worthy, we think maybe more. We should take this issue and think beforehand this game. We are delighted not to target, it is a complete team that is not only rescuers Of, have defended better. Having the whole Team effort […] During the week, we felt that we focused on training. We implemented what the coach tells us. We will say that we are happy because the situation is not really convenient […] We had nothing to lose and we want to win the game against our audience. We did not score but we were solid. We saw a team that ran everywhere and was in unity. We must keep this, it's the most important […] It's League 1, there's no easy match. All matches are difficult. If we maintain the same state of mind and maintain this unity, then I think we can win the match and take points as quickly as possible. ".

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