Monday , May 29 2023

National Forum of Electronic Media in Rabat


Rabat – "What services do Electronic Media have in the light of social changes?"A team of Rabat in the National Forum of Human Institute of Information and Communications of Electronic Press, Moratuwa, prepared by the Ministry of Culture and Communications.

The statements of the Ministry of Culture and Communications, Mohammed Laraj, Justice Ajajar, Parliament and Minister Deligate, government spokesman, Mustafa El Khali, two presentations of the Law for Electronic Media in Morocco, researcher Ali Karimmi, advocate and academic Abdelazi along with newspapers The newspapers and the provisions of the code provided are NO.

During the inauguration of the Forum, the critical structure of the electronic media in Morocco over the past six years, the democratic structure promoted by freedom of speech and expression, as a result of technological progress, as a result of media progress.

Shri. Laraj also reviewed statistics about the number of electronic newspapers as per the statutory number 88-13 for press releases and publications.

Shri Azhajar emphasized the need for an optimal sample model that promotes the emergence and upgrading of electronic media, which is considered an unsolved record of record time. It raises the question of how this sector should be set up in the area of ​​society and democracy.

He said electronic media has opened extensive goods over the expansion of digital culture and the rise of social networking. This is a dynamic dynamics that increases the number of Internet users.

When distinguished from the blog, Shri. Ojar noticed.

The minister also urged the development of strategies and practices for conducting electronic press action in accordance with moral rules. Self-discipline, training and continuing educational goals are challenging to implement.

AK Khali said that investing in online newspapers is a liver for democratic development and development.

He concentrated on the successful evolution of the electronic media in the country.

The supervision and forum of four workshops were marked "Financial Model of Electronic Press", "Moroccan Electronic Press & Dental Dental Sciences", "Production of Audiovisual Content in Electronic Press" And "Electronic Press Company in Morocco".

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