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Nesten is firmly committed to success

In May 2017, two real estate networks were merged by Solivímo and AVIs embuliers group Nestenn Statistics show progress in initial progress, its excellent review.

In less than two years, 135 million euros were sold

Real Estate Agency NostenThis Nosten's creationIn May 2017, the dynamic SOLIDO network and the experienced AVIS Emballier result in merger at the beginning of 2015. Nasten is the result of this explosive marriage that allowed both brands to provide their respective strengths for new imagination A real estate business approach focused on customer experience. Represented by the network of more than 300 agencies, Nosten moved to the top 10 of the largest real estate brands in the number of agencies in the French market, and its development continued to grow in this number and the heart of Frank.

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The network has realized its creation less than two years ago 135 million turnover And poster 300% growth ! During this period, more than 1,500 employees of the network had supported the realization of 51,000 real estate projects of customers, who expressed their gratitude as a whole. Satisfaction rate based on 19,000 certified customer reviews, 91.2% And the recommendation rate of 92.4%. Offering the best possible support to its customers is the leader of the commercial strategy developed by Nesten.

"Lifetime commitment, real estate needs personal help"

Apart from consumer goods, real estate and housing are the main concerns of French. If the market is dynamic, the pattern of usage has changed significantly in recent years, causing an important question of historical professionals. It is based on this observation "The sector should innovate itself and present a new value proposition." That was a concept and offer that Nosten made around favorPersonal help to purchase, sell and rent a real estate in real estate management.

"Real estate is one Lifetime commitment And each project needs personal support, Nostin's chairman and co-founder Olivier Allons supports. Customers now need to find meaning and rely on trusted players. At Nosten, so we make an issue of honor to distribute it Centered service on offer quality, The Proximity And Professionalism Our agents we translate our approach to the place of our agencies, provide a warm world, where everyone has to go home. "

This guarantee of Taylor-sorted support is typically achieved by Letter of commitment A special command is addressed to every client signatory, which is in conjunction with the conventional contract, defines all actions taken by the agency for the success of its property sales in relation to the group's values. This The gateway service This desire, offered by the brand, also describes this desire to provide comprehensive assistance to the client for their real estate project, by supporting its administrative procedures, their organization of movements or the management of their subscriptions.

Target 600 Nosten agencies in 2023

Nassen is shown by strategy Dynamic Network Development Who wants to double its agency park within 5 years. Today 300 agencies are represented by active agencies – mainly in metropolitan France, Googier (Guadeloupe) and Saint-Lu (Reunion) and internationally, in Miami (United States) and Grand Bei (Mauritius), network Nesten is to reach 600 branches by 2023 And plans to invest in new markets with the opening of the exhibition Portugal, In Spain And in Italy.

This development ambition opens big potential for project promoters who are planning to open a real estate agency in franchising, which is already in business in business who want to trust Network with a concept and values ​​compatible with time. This development involves the expansion of network teams, which are not less than before 500 recruitments in 2019, An increase of 30% of its current employees. According to the HappyPenx® / Atarkek 2018 ranking, employed by employees who are most happy to work with employees, Nesten is enough to attract new talent. The network is mainly looking for profiles of real estate consultants and management consultants.


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