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OnePlus 7 Pro: Our opinion after months of testing


On May 16, 2019, OnePlus launched two new smartphones. VanPlus 7 represents continuity and it is a perfect successor of 6T, which is very successful. VanPlus 7 Pro competes with premium models like the Galaxy S10 +, iPhone X Max or P30 Pro. We tested every month for a little while. Find all our impressions.

Test a Vegetable 7 Pro Technical Sheet

In 2019, VanPlus breaks new grounds. Manufacturer not one but two smartphones: VanPlus 7 and VanPlus 7 Pro. First of all, the manufacturer has improved 6T in the late spring of 2018. Similar to aesthetically, it improves its little mistakes and makes one of the best techno-price reports of the year (at the time of writing).

OnePlus 7 Pro takes on a much larger role. Full technology, it allows brands to compete with market leaders (Samsung, Apple, Huawei). More expensive than the classic version, VanPlus 7 Pro has been cheaper than the Galaxy S10 +, Heway P30 Pro or iPhone Xs Max. But does he work day to day? After the first technical test, We have used VanPlus 7 Pro every day for more than a month. Here is our complete opinion.

Really amazing smartphone

If VanPlus 7 looks like a 6T, 7 Pro marks the actual change of the design. Later if we can see a triple sensor photo from its younger brother, the face will be confused with the Galaxy S10 +.

A Plus Plus 7 Pro Autonomy

Almost because he did not have a competitor or even a good one. OnePlus chooses a curved screen that covers the entire surface. To get this result, Mark camouflaged the front sensor into a sliding mechanism Lodged in the upper border

Automatically shutdown system in case of fall guarantees us. However, we remain skeptical about the life of this system. After a few weeks of use, we found that dust in the Interstate of Mechanism was kept. There is no effect on it, but the formation of dust can penetrate into gears and block the system. As we reach the summer holidays, we also fear the beaches and the fear of water near us. Sand grains or water drop can be deadly.

One Plus 7 Pro Screen Tested

It seems to us unreliable OnePlus 7 Pro is a smartphone with a successful design. The quality of the finish lays it in the market's most elegant models. Matt Glass hull (which does not mark fingerprints) and blue color, probably refers specifically to the most attractive (but it's a matter of taste).

Test Winfall 7 Pro Grip

On a daily basis, 7 Pro's large size and weight can be uncomfortable. In our first test we did not measure the importance of this detail. But at the beginning of the summer, making a smartphone in the pocket sometimes gets complicated. Handling has also proven to be complicated. Smartphone enthusiasts will not see any damage, this point can be dragged to others.

Total Screen!

The VanPlus 7 Pro screen is undoubtedly its biggest asset. His curved constitution will not please everyone, but his quality will convince everyone. Excellent and absence of punches allow the smartphone to enjoy the best multimedia experience.

Test One Plus 7 Pro Interface

This game is particularly attractive for a 90 Hz refresh rate. DCI-P3 compatibility also allows the video to enjoy incomplete image quality. Watching a movie or no series on a smartphone will never be pleasurable.

After all, on a daily basis, the 6.4-inch screen allows you to browse the web or social networks with much comfort. The fluid competition provided by 90Hz shows the real difference. After using one month, there is no doubt The VanPlus 7 Pro's screen is the best in the market.

The most efficient in the market

Historically, OnePlus smartphone is standing for their outstanding performance. VanPlus 7 Pro is not disturbed by the rule. Snapdragon 845 + 12GB RAM + 256GB Storage Combo is attributed (our test version is the most powerful in the market), we were able to measure the extent of the brand's knowledge. We have never had the chance to use such a powerful smartphone.

Testing a Vegetable 7 Pro Game

Animations and transitions were never so fast, the management of multitasking has been an example. OnePlus 7 Pro shows all its power share, Especially on the most demanding licenses. Combined display with 90Hz display ensures a great gaming experience. At the time of writing, a smartphone can compete.

A good bowl of oxygen

A good smartphone is not just a fitness device. The software is an important part of user experience and OnePlus has understood this from the beginning. With the Oxygen OS (based on Android 9.0 Pie) The brand provides its most successful software, And maybe one of the best versions of the Google OS.

One Plus 7 Pro Screen Tested

The interface is similar to the almost pure version of Android. Light, intuitive, it shines with its ergonomics. OnePlus only includes some features here and there. On a daily basis, they quickly become irresistible. For example, gestures are turned off on the screen which allow direct access to specific apps.

Navigation gestures are well-thought-out and welcome to the dark integration. Multiple customization options (display, noise, menus) are also significant assets. Currently, only a UI of Samsung manages to compete with the Oxygen OS.

Against music!

The audio quality of its smartphones has been criticized for a long time, once the Plus was launched in the 2019 stereo sound adventure. This improvement has benefited 7 Pro and VanPlus 7 and includes Dolby Atom's Compatibility Bonus. If the sound quality given by 7 PRO's speakers is very good, then they will not reach the best level in the market. However, this use is not really compatible with our habits. Mostly we played the music on Bluetooth speakers (this PRO7 is also compatible with Bluetooth 5.0). To watch a video or play, the quality of speakers is very satisfying.

Test a vegetable bullets wireless 2 remote control

The audio experience makes perfect sense with headphones. Not only the quality is excellent, but OnePlus offers very practical optimization functions in everyday life. We checked the audio portion of the brand's bullet wireless 2: The result is convincing. On a daily basis, we really enjoyed the experience.

Lack of endurance

If we can blame one thing on OnePlus 7 Pro then it is endurance. Despite the good first impression, we found those days that it was not until previous models or some competitors. Huawei VanPlus 6T and P30 Pro remain unbeatable. VanPlus 7 Pro, it takes a little longer than one day Average for intensive usage For the same purpose, 6T days a long day was long.

This is probably due to the integration of a large 90 Hz screen, but it consumes more energy. OnePlus has tried to compensate its smartphone with a bigger battery (4000 mAh), but it is insufficient.

A Plant 7 Pro USBC Test

However, OnePlus offers an ultra fast warp charge of 30 chargers. It saves 50% energy in 20 minutes, a real break in everyday life. On the other hand, we regret the absence of wireless charging. OnePlus recommends that this is not technically useful, we are otherwise convinced. We regularly monitor the smartphones equipped with this charging system. It is clearly no plus in the user experience to do it overnight. According to our opinion, the brand's insistence on wireless charging is a mistake.

The camera is improving fast

We will not re-analyze the photo quality of VanPlus 7 Pro. For those missed episodes, we invite you to check out the full smartphone test. On the other hand, we have some explanations.

A vegetable 7 Pro photo quality test

In the week, OnePlus has altered many updates that improve the overall quality of snapshots. Compared to our initial test, we mainly observed Positive changes on portrait and night shots

For the first time, contours are a little more precise and reduce background opacity. For photos at night, they are more detailed in better contrast. If it is not enough to match the best camera phones in the market, OnePlus continues its efforts. Moreover, the difference in quality will only succeed at the beginning. The general public will be influenced by VanPoolus 7 Pro's capabilities.

Conclusion: We still enjoy some fun

After using one month, We are not tired of OnePlus 7 Pro. It comes out as a complete reference in many fields. Performance, design and screen are definitely its biggest strength. If the autonomy has disappointed us and there are some reservations about the pop-up mechanism, then we were pleased with the improvement in the camera. Finally, we are impressed by the real pleasure of Oxygen OS software on a daily basis.

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