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Participant banks: 6.5 billion credits distributed after 18 months of existence


By Wadi L. Moden 29/06/2016 A 18h20

Participant Banks

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Recent accounts of the Bank al-Maghbah show the total outstanding loan sanctioned by banks taking part in the order of 6.47 billion dirhams in May 2019, which is 41.2% more. End of December 2018

He was distributed as part of the remaining equity financing, in the form of Real Estate Loans (Murabah Real Estate), which at the end of May was 5.89 billion dirhams (against 4.13 billion at the end of 2018). Two other segments of the crowdfunding, such as Consumption (Murabaha Automobile) and equipment respectively, show May 434 million and MD 127 million respectively.

After the existence of 18 months, participating banks still struggle to break the dominance of traditional banks. In the context of both their deposits and credits, the market is hardly more than 1%. Some see this prerequisite sign of saturation in lower level intrusion. Leaders of the participating banks, they believe that there are good days before its activity in Morocco.

The guardian of Bank Al-Magrib, Abdeltif Jauhri estimates that the purpose of the balances sheets of the participating banks takes at least three to four years to assess. Until then, we'll complete the least participatory ecosystem. Essential instruments for "moral" savings activities, investment deposits, it was launched a week ago, it is enough to not mention Umm Bank by local bank.

In addition to this, Tackle Insurance, which is essential to support the participating loan, is still waiting. Laws to issue a Tackful (Tuesday, June 25) Greenhouses were given to Councilors House of Finance Committee on Tuesday, which is pending in the second reading by the House of Representatives.

By Wadi L. Moden

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