Sunday , June 13 2021

Prévisions prometuses pour l'Algérie en 2019

The Dans son rapport sur les mundiales mundiales mundiales dubi, the PIB nomine de l'Algérie de France franchir, the première fois, the barrier of 200 mds de dollars en 2016 mds de dollars. L'institution de Bretton Woods is currently ranked at PIB nominally in 2017 with a 2017. Ce darnier at the end of 188.3 milliards of dollars in 2018 contra 167,6 mds de dollars en 2017, There is a great deal of time for a year and a year after the expiration of the publiques. Le Fonds maintains an increase in prices in the PB Rules 2,5% en 2018 contra 1,4% en 2017 and a 2.7% in 2019, the cost of the publiques »Cette année.
The term "borrowing" is a continuation of the term of the proclamation of a short period of probability of the term of the term for the termination of the term ", relieve, toutefois, and the rest of the reserve. Le FMI rappelle que l'Algérie, a «augmente sé de dépés lé activité éné economía, en s'appuyant largement sur financement monétaire», has been quoted as saying "the retirement of the burden of the government is part of the 2019». «La monétisation du déficit budgétaire in Algérie s'est traduite paradigm in de l'indigestive consolidation of a quest for a private sector in 2017», a not le leport.
As a result, Le Fonds relies on the privilege of privatizing a PIB danced by the Pédérol de la Région and is more than 14% to 22%. Le rapport du FMI is one of the most influential people in the world, and has been in the process of being able to meet the needs of the country's poor and entrepreneurs. In the meantime, the financing of the monetary policy is not the same as the cost of inflation. Le FMI has maintained a significant increase in inflation by 6.5% in 2018 and a 6,7% in 2019, with the highest rate of growth in the proportions. A l'instar des autres pays for the export of the country, l'Algérie deregorrer enjoys an unemployment situation, and extends to the extent of the burden of burden and the redress of desires.
Le reclaimed the courts pedroliers «the temporaire» aux pays exporters' de la région que dévente, censure, poursuivre les réformes et l'ajustement budgétaire pour renforcer leur résilience long terme, souligne le FMI dans son rapport. Ainsi and les exportations passeront 46,2 mds de dollars en 2018 contra 37,6 mds de dollars en 2017. The lease of the loan is on the 16th md de quarter of the $ 22,200 mds de dollars en 2017. In 2019, it is estimated to be worth a fortnight -15.9 mds de dollars. Le Déficit du-compute coupon représentera -9% du PIB en 2018 compares au-13,2% in 2017 and has been in the range of -7,9% in the PB en 2019, selon les mêmes données.
Le FMI will be in charge of a budget of 105.1 dollars in 2018 and 98.6 dollars in 2019. The price of the expansion of the bar 80,3 dollars en 2018 et 78.9 dollars en 2019, selon les estimations du FMI.

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