Sunday , September 25 2022

Property Finder, Company Holds, raises $ 120 million


SThe property funder will continue to finance the group's growth, which raised $ 120 million, which is slightly below 1.2 billion diamonds. US Investment Global Atlantic, which has acquired minority stake in the group.

The Global Atlantic Financial Group was established in 2004 as the Goldman Sachs Reinsurance Group (GSRG) and invest heavily in the high growth assets of the companies operating in the new web technology, Croom said.

According to his CEO Ismail Bakhyayat, "This investment should allow Morocco to integrate its leading position in online real estate advertising market, to set up the stage at the new stage of the dynamics of the portal and to nurture the strong growth ambition in the coming years."

CEO and founder Michael Lahyani, Michael Lahyani said "We will use this fundraising to provide quality services to 6 million Internet users who visit our websites every month," Real Estate Search, "Property Finder Group.

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