Monday , May 17 2021

Real Madrid buys against Valencia

One slap to quickly remove Just a week ago, Real Madrid got heavier outside of Iber (0-3, 13th day of La Liga). And after showing a good show against Aussie Roma (2-0) in the Champions League, the title of the European Champion was for the mission, in salon on Saturday in Valencia, in Santiago Bernabei, to pay himself for the league. . Next, the club was successful in the league against Chevrolet Rao Vallecano (3-0) but was also in front of Juventus (0-) in the C1. Thirteen, Marcelo's creation, from the 13th to the 7th place, the real opportunity to jump in the rankings, here. On the side of Madrid, Santiago Solaris scored 4-3-3 without Cruise and Marcelo. In the visitors, Marcelino has chosen 4-4-2 ahead, including gimo. On his first ball, Marangeus was dangerous.

Launched in the left corner, Belle arranged her center for Benzema. At the entrance to the surface, the French striker took directly, but its superb volley was less than (3G). Many people of Zinedine Zidane's grand goal in the C1 Final against Bear Louvrecussen (2002) should be reminded of one opportunity. And the other aggressive, locals opened this icon. On the right hand side of the Caravajal box and the unfortunate stomach, the former Thoanan player crossed the side of Iwian FC and scored against his side (8th, 1-0). During the first disappointing period, the European champions praised the debate, but Sebello (24th) or Belle (29) did not get the net. Geddes, on the other hand, took advantage of gaining gameros service but were at Caravazal (34th). But Marrenus was dominant and Benzema was not far away from his second (37), Basel (38th) second goal. And after these two strikes near the frame, two creations returned to the locker room.

Karim Benzema's decisive factor

At the end of the locker room, despite having some technical during the first 45 years, two coaches kept the same players. But after the first act almost passed, the visitors showed better faces, at the depth of many attackers. On the grand opening of Perez, Santini was facing Curtis but she saw her shot (53). More attractive than the Marenews, Murcielagos pushed, and the Belgian goalkeeper reported offside (63), saying that it was nice to go out in the foot of Meena. Seeing his team without solutions, Santiago Solaris made his first change after Belle (the 10th game without having scored in the league), and left it at Assencio (64th). Just behind, Paulista was shooting a recovery that ran away from the frame (65th).

Poussifs, the visitors still could not find the solution, then Marcelo brought new blood: Vassey gave way to Pissini, while Kondogia took Koklein (68th). Changes were linked then and Ennsio missed the break. Well served the Lorenet, the Spanish international made the wrong choice (73m). On the other hand, visitors insisted and Batsuya, briefly, entered the game in place of gamers, which fell on Curtis, but an offside was reported (78th). Finally, take refuge at the end of the real meeting. The author of a nice comeback, Karvazel played a role with ISKO before moving forward against the goal. Benzema returned to the latter part and served the Wizkjas, who opened his legs well (83, 2-0) by marking the season's first league goal. Real brings three points to the fifth position. Valencia is going on 13th.

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