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Social Security in Morocco: The First National Conference


On November 12, 2018, the first National Conference on Social Protection was excluded. The goal of solving the problem of co-operation and incompetence of the active social protection program is to lead strong recommendations in Morocco to create a bigger exploration of social security. The initiation of this upgrade is difficult …

The phenomena that inhibit the effectiveness of social protection programs in Morocco clearly indicate at the time of the Speech during the July 19, 1980 edition: Coordination lack, programs deployment, lack of global perspectives, limited effectiveness …

The first National Social Protection Council organized the General Affairs and Governance of the State Department and aimed at identifying these disabilities with a view to forming a base basis for the reform of a new system. Social protection.

"The need to reorganize all care programs for better protection and better correlation is a key issue in ensuring the Ministry of Social Justice and the Citizens' Rights," said head of government head Saidaiyan Elotmani.

14 departments, scores, or more

The situation in Morocco is a little paradoxical. The country has set up more than 120 social safeguards. Over 50 percent of the state's social budget has been monopolized. In the broadest sense of the word. How can we explain the modest performance of these demographic projects? "There are no global perspectives or devices like future unified social registry, qualification criteria are not clear, it is very difficult to assess the impact of demographic social protection in the absence of accurate statistics," analyzes the General Affairs and Governance for Development Minister Laine Dowdy. .

The lack of accurate and comprehensive information on social protection programs in Morocco was noted by many partners. Professor Dose Garyau of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council for developing national social security accounts to strengthen the coordination of programs and increase the resources.

This reform is based on the unified management of the social protection program. There are only 120 programs available, including 14 ministries and eight organizations operating under the supervision of!

The subject of a study into the French company Finate, is to reconfigure social protection in Morocco, led by Lahsen Dowdy. Its CEO Denis Chevalier-Gendró has recommended five main characters to be redefined for this re-configuration in the quality of his experts in social protection:

– Build backing of families by strengthening money transfers

– Ensure results, improve social performance

– Strengthening the quality and quality of targeting

Add Events

Regularize the management fee, strengthen the available data

The areas of common sense more than the strategy, the participants of the assassins fail to make partners. They criticized "restoration of a similar diagnostic at the beginning of the millennium" and "the use of foreign companies importing inappropriate solutions to the Moroccan reality".

Effective coverage of work force

One of the main themes during this conference is the social protection of the active population. Sections Subject to Specific Social Risk: Temporary Temporary or Regular Income Loss, Work Disease, Occupational Diseases, Maternity, …

In this region, Morocco is a very bad student: very limited news of the active population, one of the lowest rates in the spread of accidents in work. … out of the country's 12 million assets out of 6 million social security coverage. The low stability of salaries in the private sector is: one of the two workers has been declared for 12 months by the CNS for 12 months.

To compensate for job loss, "it will definitely evolve in the provision of the provisions of the eligibility," says CNN Director Syed Ahmed. A True study The institute has developed many institutions to increase the number of beneficiaries for these allowances. But as Ahmadine has rightly pointed out: "The effectiveness of the PEI depends on the funds entering these entries, at the beginning they chose a minimum of 0.57%.

Morocco, according to international law, is also behind. Many of the conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO) are related to the job, especially the job and work related diseases in the country. "Unsuccessful models of parallaxation and segmentation, and their coverage is not effective," said specialist Aline Lettormi, a social security expert and financer consultant.

Internal contradictions

Overall, partners in the first asset of social protection have raised the limitation of the current system because there is no real mechanism to deal with job losses, labor and job related diseases. . To solve this situation, an urgent need to review the inspiration and compulsory provisions that increase the transparency and sincerity of employers in the social responsibility sector.

But the reasons for evil are deeper. The social security system is unpleasant and unstable because of the Syed Ahmafi's own admission. "The CNSS does not notice the dangers posed by workers or work-related illnesses, which is one of the disadvantages of our conservation system, because the first of the social risks all over the world was in danger.

In this case, the most basic principles of our social care system should be redesigned in alphabetical order. Instead of the restoration of the current pay, their limits on the level of social security of workers have become more evident. In Morocco, the Labor Minister has been given the Council of Ministers of the Council of Government of Social Security for social security of a population of about 6 million people.

Here are the videos of the first concluding sessions for the National Conference of Social Protection, and the Workshop for the Active Population.

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