Friday , July 30 2021

Solidarity – FAR faces the winter cold to help mountaineers

In Morocco, the Royal Armed Forces (FAR) medical convoy left from Rabat on Friday for the Midland province's Confugha as part of the deployment of the Ferra Field Medical and Surgery Hospital. The people of this region suffer from winter rigidity.

The FAR General Staff announced on Thursday the allocation of hotels in two field hospitals, one in the Ouzurite (Azul province) and the second in the Afghou (Midelt province). HM King Mohammed is the Sixth Instructions that God helps him, the Chief of the Supreme Head and the Chief of the FA.

Starting with the first battalion of health activity in Rabat, the convoy for the Enfgau includes multiple disciplined medical staff, support staff and various tools and technical solutions.

This field hospital has 18 doctors from specific specialties, including Visceral surgeons, reproductive anesthesiologists, autolorologists, internships, nephthologists, gynecologists, pediatricians and dentists, as well as five general practitioners. On Military Sources

The hospital's paramedical staff consists of 19 members, including six nurses, midwives, laboratory technicians and pharmacy technicians, according to the same source, about 60 tons of equipment, medical equipment and medicines are sent to Enfgou.

The convoy of the Field Hospital spread over Outercare starts this Friday with the Logistics and Health Support Battalion, FAR Nausur.

The purpose of the deployment of these medical-surgical hospitals is to improve the health services provided to these remote areas and improve their access to basic health services, especially due to the sharp decline in temperature during this period.

FAR Field Hospitals has always been effective in operations outside the House and Kingdom.

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