Friday , August 19 2022

The European Parliament demands more resources against the disease


"It is necessary to add this issue to the agenda"Belgian MEP Frédérique Ries of the ALDE Group says that many members of the Ecosystem presented a resolution on Lyme Disease.

In Parliament, this resolution was adopted in Strasbourg on Thursday, November 15. "We call the Commission on Meetings for Research and Defense in the European Union.Belgian woman explains. Such a vaccine does not exist yet.

In European Investment Bank 2016 Lomia stabbed 25 million euros to look for a vaccine. The European Commission's commitment to improving the diagnosis is remarkable. 16 million was allotted.

Wrong diagnosis

The critical difficulties of this disease are its invention. If the tick sheds up, it can be confusing at the beginning or other illnesses, which will have negative consequences.

"Eliza test is not reliable, some patients are left infected", Frederick Reese moves.

"List of Percentic Diseases Lim Barroilosis is essential to networking between European countries", She argues.

This list prepared by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (CEPC) lists the contagious diseases that the report should submit to the authorities. Lim has now been added.

Harmonification does not depend on the Commission

All the cases reported by 2018, which will begin in 2019, will be officially registered by the European Union.

However, in view of this illness, there is a problem from one state to another. France and Germany are not, in particular, the same wavelengths.

"French patients who are forced to go to the other side of the border are incredible cases because doctors do not recognize their pathology", The Vice President of LIMS Sans Frontiers Association accused Vivian Shallar.

" The Commission is not eligible to be inappropriateVera Jorava, the check-in commissioner who spoke with the dealers, said. There are states that have achieved their own recognition. "

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