Tuesday , August 16 2022

The House of Representatives has been approved by the 2019 finance bill



The House of Representatives, approved by the 2019 majority (Budget 2015), presented a plenary session on Friday.

189 MPs approved the project and 93 refusals.

The second phase of the PLF in 2019 was approved by the first Parliament of Parliament. 189 votes and 92.

The PHF in 2019 predicts 3.2% growth, an inflation rate of less than 2% and a 3.3% budget deficit reduction. The aim of ensuring sustainability of financial equilibrium is to maintain a 3.3 per cent deficit budget.

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The King and People's Revolution consists of an elaborate project based on High Royal Instructions, which aims to prioritize social policies. Particularly, support for education, health and employment, promoting private investment by speeding up the new investment chart system, supporting Regional Investment Centers Modification Procedures, Business Climate Progress and particularly SMEs.

The third main objective is to follow the major institutional and structural reforms, including the completion of justice reforms, the implementation of comprehensive localization and administrative decentralization and implementation. The improvement of public administration system, the reduction of the budget deficit and the 4th priority for maintaining the principal macroeconomic balance by keeping the management of the obligatory management.

The 2019 PLF is spending 68 billion drought (MMDH) budget for education budgets. The tiles program included 2.1 billion dirhams, a commitment of 4 billion.

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Additionally, a budget of 28 MMDH has been allocated to the health sector. In addition to the creation of 4,000 Budget items in Rabat, Tangier, Agadir, Marrakech and Oujda University Hospital Centers (Chiu), including 7 billion units,

Submitting to the Consulate for approval by the Project. Regarding the Budget Act 130. Organic Law No. According to Article 49 of 130.13, the second draft should make a draft date within 22 days of its tears.

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