Tuesday , August 16 2022

The record on this side is the fear


This week's World Diabetes Day was an opportunity for the Ministry of Health to unveil the symptoms of "diabetes merely affecting each family". In Morocco, 2 million people are diagnosed with diabetes in 18 years and above. 50% do not know the disease. In addition, the number of people with diabetes is estimated to be over 15,000. The ministry said that more than 823,000 diabetic treatment programs were implemented in primary health securities.
Anas ducks and department have an annual budget of 156,700,000 in order to purchase insulin and oral vaccines. Also, 15 million DH budgets have been installed to take up medical-equipments and gases to ensure diabetes about diabetes and diabetes. The 2016 annual report of the National Health Insurance Agency (ANAM) has created 48% cost long-term illness (ALD). 11% of these expenses are diabetics.
Although on this side of the Mediterranean, validations around the world are strictly enforced. Efforts are made to frighten diabetes in order to tempt the effort. In addition, victims of this illness are also to make life easier. We will first take the suggestion of the Washington School of Medicine in St. Louis, researchers are now considered to be a result of contamination of the world today as a new case for diabetes in seven. Air. The study, published in the Lancet Planetary Health in June, indicates that developing countries are the most affected. In developing countries, the waste releases of the waste are subject to current levels, which is very strict and more important. Evidence suggests that these current standards are still healthy and should be reduced, "said Professor Zayed Al Ali in a statement.
And in Sweden, it is the current classification of diabetes scientists. They notice that it is inadequate. These can have two types of diabetes. This Swedish study developed to treat diabetes is classified into three types of diabetes: severe insulin-dependent diabetes, severe insulin-insufficient diabetes, and severely insulin-resistant diabetes. Swedish researchers say these are two types of diabetes mellitus, sweet diabetes without insulin resistance and another moderate age-related insulin-senescence aging curved pancreas.
Finally, in France, after the European community reached the agreement, the French Star Up Diablo has made a big boost to the artificial pancreas market. It is an advanced device that helps type 1 diabetic patients. Thanks to the pump instead of a pump, and with the sensor placed on the bottom of the lair. The information about the Blue Glucose is transferred to the third part of the synthetic pancreas located in the patient's pocket, and then analyzes the complex algorithms, such as the speed of the accident or the patient's speed. The amount of sugar in the blood of the blood is insulin, which can automatically adjust the insulin required by the pump.

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