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The result of FIR Fest 2019


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All Elite Wrestling presented its "fitter fest" show as part of a gaming CEO festival at Daytona Beach, Florida on June 29.

Buy summary in AU Fighter Fest 2019

Commentators are Logan Sam, Goddell Boy and Axelibur.

– Fighter Fest starts with the pre-show commenters who welcome us.

– 3-Way Tag Team Match

A.V. at All Out Winners will go straight to the tournament for team titles.

Private party (Isis Casadi and Mark Kuwen) vs. Best Friends Against Sockel Uncensored (Scorpio Sky and Frankie Casserie) (Chuck Taylor and Trent Barretta)

At the end of the fight, Taylor and Barretta created three stamps on the wheels, while other wrestlers smoked at the bottom of the ring after their last appearance.

Winners: Best Friends

After combat, we get a dark order on Titanon. They greet him on a nice evening and advertise that he has chosen the best friends for his premiere at AEW. Light off and light up, surrounded by dark order ring. The lights are closed again, light up and they all have gone.

– Behind the scenes, we find Young Bucks who talks about the financial expense of the show. Matt says that we should have a pool, but it is a child pool. Nick says he has no plans. Kenny Omega comes and says that she has found her outfit and she will be even better than the original plan. He presented the budget for it. On stage, two models are replaced by plastic mannequins because they can not pay them all.

– Bets take over the stage and open the tents. Peter Avalon comes out and throws a tent in the pool, it breaks the plastic manicuin. Bates says that she knows that viewers are made up of gamers and comics, but do not forget that the books offer more. Bat says that they are libraries.

Singles match

Take bets With Peter Avalon vs alley

At the end of the fight, Avalon wants to help Bates with the book, but Eli grabbed him and thrown him on to bite him on the corrupt. Eli goes with a supercick on three occasions.

Winner: Alley

– Behind the scenes, Kenny brings omega drums, but a technician tells him that it will not be necessary because the group Blink 182 will not be there.

– Nakazawa and Jabelli arrive in the ring. Nakazawa says that Jabelli had repented last year. She congratulates her for coming back after her right knee injury. Jabley says that she had her left foot, she should do her homework. Nakazawa thanked him and hit him on the left foot.

Hardcore Match

Michael Junkley versus Michael Nakazawa

At the end of the fight, Najajwa makes Jabelli the Spear by the table below the ring. Nakazawa brings them on the ring to come back, but they are counting. Nakazawa hit it with a candy stick and removed its string for submission, but Jabley avoids it and gives it snap supplex. Nakajwa then wants to come back with her pillar, but she avoids it and touches Nakazawa's referee. Jabelli takes a chance to give it a low blow and take it, but when the referee reaches the side of the three, it turns him into a favor.

Winner: Michael Nakazawa

– Jim Ross finished the pre-show with joining commenters for the main show.

A.V. Summary of Fighter Fest 2019

The commentator is Jim Ross, Goddone Boy and Axelibur.

– EVE Fitter Fest starts with a promo video at the show event.

Singles match

Boundaries against Christopher Daniels

At the end of the fight, the boundary creates its double knee from the corner of Daniels to the side of the three.

Winners: CIAMA

After the fight, two men knocked out.

Triple Threat Match

Reha v. Nyla Rose vs. Yuka Sakazaki

At the end of the fight, Rose blocks the rhythm on the third rope and makes knee drop from the corner! Rose denies to climb an ankle and climb, UK wants to stop, but Rose throws it down the ring. Rose was launched in Svens, but Reisa avoided her and reached the corner for a cross body, but Rose grabbed her. Yuka also launches a cross body, but Rose also catches it! They hurt Rose by double counting, but Rose opposes the Bay. Shortly after, Rose rises for Powerbomb, but Reha surprises her with three sunset flipps.

Winner: Reha

After combat, Reha celebrated his victory, but Rose hit him. Rose takes her to her finisher, but Yuca comes to save her and comes out of Rose Ring with a double drop kick.

– Keep Seben takes place with critics of the next fight because he will face the winner of the 4-way match at the next show.

– MJF comes first and takes a microphone. MJF says it will ensure that everyone feels good here. He should tell us that in the basement, where the mother swallows. MJF still insults the fans and adds that they liked video games like us, but then she lost her virginity. It's better than we are and we know it.

4-Way Match

MJF vs Jungle Boy With Lukasaurus vs Jimmy Hewak vs. Adam Hangman p

At the end of the fight, the page made his Dead Eye on Hawke on behalf of three.

Winner: Adam Hangman p

Singles match

Darby Alin vs Kody Rhodes With Brandy Rhodes

At the end of the fight, Kodi locks Darby in the bag, which Darby reserved for Cody. Cody pulls up with his disaster kick and covers it, but he is opposed. Cody is associated with a quick account, but it opposes it. Kody strikes Darby with her belt and goes for Cross Rhodes, but Darby overcomes it with a stunner. Kodi returned to the charge with its Cross Roads and covered it, but the 20-minute time is over.

Winner: None – Late Time

– After the fight, the crowd wants to add more time. Shawn Spears enters the ring and hits the chords with a chord! He escaped to the crowd. MJF and SCU come in the ring to help the cody walk when there is bleeding after a stroke of acne.

6-Man Tag Team Match

Lucha Bros (Pentagon Junior and Ray Fenix) And Laredo Kid vs. The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson) And Kenny Omega

At the end of the fight, on the ring on the Rey Mat and the Pentagon, Nick had made a Spanish fly, which was there. Omega goes with Kids Rings and its Taylor driver with a high knee and covers it, but the Kid does resist! Omega Running with Knee Running and Forest Winged Angel Three.

Winner: The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega

Unescondition match

Joey vs. Joan Moxley

At the end of the fight,

In progress

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