Saturday , September 24 2022

The third senior citizen living in Ahmadinejet should lead on their savings or their wealth


In addition, 11% of senior senior surveys have asked to pay for housing expenses to help their relatives and 16% think that they have to do this later, according to the study by the statistical service of social ministries in late 2016, 3,300 residents in more than 60 institutions .

These difficulties can be explained by the high value of retirement homes, whose middle amount is 1,850 euros per month – it is to be said that, in half the cases, the question of asking is greater than this amount. The moderate financial contribution in private nonprofit organizations is 2,420 euros per month.

These moderate prices are obtained after the reduction of wages and after the possible contribution of "compulsory food" (children or grandchildren), it is definitely higher than average pension assumed by pensioners living in France, which is called 1.500 Euro net monthly.

These financial difficulties can be more intense because investment in Ahmadis continues and the savings of the sages dry up.

According to a study released on Friday by Dries, "After an average investment of three years and four months, the average death rate of residents is dying from 89 years."

"For most residents", this document says that Ahad is "the last place of life" and therefore "the place of his death". Thus, in 2015, a quarter of the deaths registered in France, or 150,000, relate to people living in retirement homes. If we take into account only the deaths of more than 75 people, then this rate will reach 35%.

In early October, the government started "unprecedented" advice on the financing of dependence, with the intention of offering a law on this issue before the end of 2019.

By 2050, France will be about 5 million more than 85 years, today against 1.5. Estimates were based on the demographic mortality, depending on the reliance on approximately 30 billion euros (estimated public expenditure 24 billion euros, rest on a home basis).

According to a study of French mutuals published on October 1, residents have to be responsible, which is more than their resources in more than half the cases.

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