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Those words that can harm your child


Paying attention to the language used with your child makes you aware that some words harm and cause harm. In any case, there are general educational violence (OVO) and Association Stop VoO, non-violence childhood observatory messages.

Is it literally misuse?

Despite all its good intentions, parents can harm or force her child using false words. Of course, no parent is perfect, but it is important to be aware of their impact on finding a better way to express things.

Oral abuse, often innocuous, results in painful and offensive words with a negative impact on the child, which affects his / her own imagination.

For example, when you hear "leave me alone", "get out of my way", it may be a denial. Or "Have big hairs in your hand" to lose confidence with words like, "But it is not possible to be stupid", "You have dirty character, you mean it".

Pay attention to his words

When the child does not want to behave or do the job properly, he will have to pay attention to the words used. She must understand that without expressing her personal value or the love of her parents, her gestures are unacceptable.

Some recommendations help to communicate:

  • Let the child express his feelings and sympathize and listen to him;
  • Avoid making comparisons with her brothers and sisters or others;
  • Encourage them to show them that they are proud;
  • Avoid negative phrases such as "you disappoint me" or "you are embarrassing me" that can damage its image;
  • Forgive that if you use words that are coming from the thought and you are sorry to understand that it is counting for you and its emotions are important.

If you are frightened or frightened by your child's behavior, take time to calm down before you discuss it with them. Take advantage of the time when you are alone to cope with difficult situations both of which produce strain among you.

Learn more: https://www.oveo.org/and http://stopveo.org/

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