Friday , September 17 2021

Tunisian Persian Immobil introduces his latest album Fragma, "Visa for Music", in Morocco

The fifth edition of the Visa for Music Festival will be held on November 21-24 and Artist and Percussion Imad Ali will be released on November 29. Moroccan Rabat.

In the ancient Tunisian language, "Africa" ​​means the research of Silo in the world and traditional music.

The Percussion of the Imam Alibi in the Skirt, Burkina Faso, is a trilogy of Michelle's trumpet (France), Khalil Hendatis's synthesisers (Tunisia),

This 2018 work is an invitation to travel with popular and known music at once. It is the need for beauty of all, and is equipped with various influences that contribute to a common love.

Visa for Music (VFM) is the first Exhibition / Mahotsav in Africa and the Middle East. This is an extraordinary event born in 2013. It will feature its fifth edition in the heart of thirty displays in 2018. Conferences, speed-meeting, workshops, trainings …

This program is derived from a vireadhabhasattil: on the one hand, and the lack of views from artists from Africa and the Middle East, and the international level, a lot of amazing music and the presence of a dynamic artistic work to deal with this imbalance, "the Music Banner" visa Music, African, Middle Eastern and art work The first mission of the couples, the world of music and contemporary music.

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