Monday , September 27 2021

Two Moroccan doctors were honored to study the Parkinson's disease

Health – Migration and Migration Affairs, headed by the Ministry of Homeland Security, organized a scientific workshop on Wednesday. Parkinson's shared with two guests. Dr. Abdullah Hamid, a Moroccan expert in France, Benazzo and Rabia Bouali-Benazzou also contributed to the scientific research in the field.

Many French and Moroccan experts have welcomed the Tour Hassan hotel. He also enhanced debate over knowledge in neurodegenerative diseases (especially Parkinson's disease).

The study day is aimed at increasing participation between the two capacities of the Mediterranean. Promote Moroccan expertise in scientific research, and promote knowledge delivery by creating platforms & # 39; advanced technology tools.

Thus, in the menu of this meeting as part of CGEM's 13th sector, Parkinson's Disease, Medical Medicine, Surgical Treatments, Motor and Non-motor signs, including part of ethics. Submitted to the world's Moroccan entrepreneurs.

The development of neuroscientist research has had a major impact on the understanding of pathophysiology of neurological diseases that facilitates the development of treatment options for certain symptoms. About 60% of the population is represented by the second neurodegenerative pathology of Alzheimer's disease, Dr. Abdelim Benesasos and his collaborators were the first person to develop a disease from males in a new neurosurgeon. Monkey in the CRRS Research Unit at Bordeaux University

Animal The success of this technology helped Benesoszes transfer to Parkinson's patients in Morocco in Morocco.

International attention was also focused on other neurological diseases.

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