Friday , August 19 2022

Wall Street varies between trade, oil and semiconductor


New York stock exchange slumps on Friday Oil prices and weak semi-chain industry have also improved.

Wall Street's main index, Dow Jones Industrial Invest Industry, gained 0.49 per cent to end at 25,413.22 points.

The Nasdaq index with strong tech colors ended up 0.15 per cent at 7,247.87.

The BSE benchmark Sensex rose by 0.22 per cent to close at 2,736.27.

The NVIDIA semiconductor (-18.76%) started in New York Market Red with disappointing predictions of groups distributing Applied Materials (+ 1.09%).

These predictions are likely to resume queries about the slowdown of growth. Profit (companies), which are willing to save insured profits, are "encouraging to question," Patrick O'Hara said in a joint statement.

The ability of companies making more profits, particularly in the technology sector, is doubtful about the fact that they have a significant impact on recent ratings.

Dow Jones ended up 2.2%, Nashdak ​​down 2.1% and S & P had lost 1.6% in the week.

Following the US President's comments, China's demand for China's trade deal ends in a few moments after the start of Friday's trade.

Washington and Beijing are just days before the G20 summit, which joins leaders of the two countries, are going to be a few days, and investors are very sensitive.

Many analysts believe that if a contract is sealed, the New York Stock Exchange should be allowed to be opened up after many more complicated weeks.

But the signs that White House sources do not cross the CBCC as a financial chain again. The Donald Trump issue is, however, no contracts will occur soon.

– Facebook stuck with a controversy

Christopher Lowell, FTN Finance, helped raise Wall Street by rising oil prices on Friday. Sixty weeks later, "We may have got on the floor," he said.

In the S & P 500, the index for power companies was 1.10%.

The New York Times quoted the source as saying. Facebook has lost 3.00 per cent losses. The New York Times quotes the world's first social network. Of critics.

Pacific Gas and Electric Power Supply (PG & E) increased by 37.54%. In recent years, he has repeated his responsibility to the fire that destroyed the city of Paradise, California.

California Commissioner for Civil Service Commission Bloomberg said in an interview with a blogger. He was sure that the main actor was going to be bankrupt. He wanted us to know that he needed so much damage.

The media group, Viaggi, MTV, Comedi Central and Nicolodio Owned 2.49 per cent.

On the other hand, new results of Nordström's (-13.66%) and William-Sonomah (-11.23%) standard chains.

The 10-year debt liabilities in the bond market declined to 3.09% from 9.69%. It fell 3.10 percent on Thursday and 3.322 percent in 30 years.


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