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WFP was weakened by a serious internal crisis


Kiosque360 There is nothing wrong with WFP, where there are attacks from all sides. A deep internal crisis that forces Fatima Zahra Mansuri, Abdeltif Wahby and other officials to shoot Hakim Benchesam. The Last Counter-Attack

For some time, the Authenticity and Modernization Party (WFP) is experiencing a new internal crisis among party leadership and activists in many regions. The socialists of Saus and Marakesh regions agree that the organizational and political situation of the party has become "incapable", in which it "creates deep organizational problems and takes away the weakening of the party's influence. Political scenario. As a result, he has led the party's leadership to its political And to accept legal liability, "Making a major part of the reflection on the national level, organizational re-development and Provide its target as a political and democratic actor to present the problems that the parties give to the parties. "

Daily Al Ahdad al-Magrribia In its version on Tuesday, November 27, the party leadership responded by taking steps to cancel its critics and stabilizing the membership of many of them.

The WFP Political Bureau gives these restrictions justice through the conduct and practice of these activists who go against the values ​​and principles of the party. And thus, the head of the Regional Secretariat of Safirai, Samir Kodar Party, was removed from the office. In addition to stability on his party membership, he faced "fired" for serious misconduct by failure to comply with decisions made by party equipment. The same fate was also reserved for Anghlau N & Rudra Commune, Chairman of Hammau Al Morarji, who was also accused of discipline.

Last weekend political bureaucrats found in Maracay also disciplined proceedings against two parliamentarians Abdeslam El Bacouri and Lahou Al Marbah. As the regional coordinator of WFP, he was freed from his duties, which he believed in the Marekak-Safi and Dra-Tafilat areas respectively.

A source close to WFP suggests that the leadership of the party is now convinced that the campaign for the abusive of party equipment, Abdelatif Wahby, a member of parliamentary and political bureau, is behind this campaign. The objective is to add a similar dialog, to emphasize its leadership and the new mobility adopted by the party after the renewal of its organs. The political bureau added that this campaign was launched only after the restrictions of people violating party rules. By doing so, they want to cover their failure and practice which runs against the values ​​approved by the party and its rules are notified in the rules.

The same source suggests that those who lead this "rebellion" against the leadership of the party in the SOS region are run by personal interests. Everyday conversation Al Ahdad al-Magrribia Quoting from a member of the WFP parliamentary group, trying to resume position, Abdeltif Ohby, member of the political bureau By pressing the leadership of the party, he boycotted the meetings of the political bureau, where he was present only twice during party leadership's 18 assemblies.

In addition to this, National Council member Hasan Takaki sent rude remarks to the FFP National Council Chairman Fathima Zahra Mansouri. He accused these important tools of the party to make one device ineffective with an important decision making power, but by which the party created a tool to remove all political and regulatory initiatives to be included. Fatema Zahra Mansouri's reply did not send a letter to the Secretary General for a long time. The letter in which she says "WFP has died". The President of the National Council does not reduce the words and challenges of President Benchmarkmas: "This party was created by great men like Roud Ali al-Hima, Salah El Odaya, Hassan Bandywadi, Ahmed Akhichin and I really appreciated these leaders with whom I I committed myself to serve the country. But it seems that, despite this great project flowing, its parties Fatima Zahra Mansouri did not hide her disappointment by giving strong support to Benchmass's candidacy on the party's head.

At the first stage of the crisis, which weakens the party's leadership, Hakim Benchmas says that "Those who criticize the party by letters or through social networks, there are channels to express their thoughts within party opinions. All freedom and secretary General, who says he is bound by the duty of the reserve, does not hesitate to attack his opponents: "Those who attack the party The same people who opted out boycott 19 seats from the political bureau. However, most of the discussions have been devoted to the organizational problems of the party. "

WFP Bose had a counter-on attack on Fatima Zahra Mansuri and Abdelitif Wahby, but they did not say that they did not "have any advantage to find out all the correspondence and attacks on social networks, an idea or proposal that can enrich the discussion" Can get " "And Benchemas goes on to say:" These people are better able to re-activate their devices and commissions and to renew the contact between party members and its workers, and manage their governing parts. "Adds PM's General Secretary," Political Although boycott of bureaucrats, leaders leave party organizations to express their views, it is not acceptable. It is also bad, he asks the leadership of the party not to organize meetings or monitoring platforms in those areas and territories. "

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