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Which is the best African Premier League in this season?


19.11.2018 – 13:18
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The English Premier League is the player of all nationalities. The English Premier League, often referred to as the hardest championship in Europe, is a dream professional of professional players from most countries. Many Seasons compete with their clubs every season. African players do not need anything. They are an African player with Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Tottenham, Crystal Palace, or Huddersfield. Most Africans have good performance, there are many who fight for it. Which is the best African Premier League at the start of the season? In this article we will discuss the fact that these clubs will gain clubs and all these bookmarkers' fans are allowed to stay in Casanon.

Pierre-Emery Obsaying

Craig de Graem of Africa in England is now Gunners Gananoise striker. The Premier League top scorer has also scored seven goals in the first season since the 12th match. After the German Premier League club Borzia Dortmund left, Abbeyma's performance in the second season is a good performance.

Muhammad salah

Premier League Player of the Year 2017, an African golden ball or best Arabian player for sports press. Liverpool was an Egyptian striker under the leadership of Jürgen Klup in the European Football Tournament last season. This season, Liverpool fans call "Egyptian King" in the process of refinancing for this action. It is for the 12th time that this season has scored six goals, the previous Chelsea or Rome scored in the 2017-2018 season. In the beginning of the season, his figures are not as bad.


At the age of 26, Lionen Saddoyo May wrested the name of Senegal in world football. Ronaldo's striker Liverpool was beaten by Ronaldo in the 2017-2018 season with 10 goals in the England league. In eleven games, the former resident of Southampton writes a new page. Six goals were scored and the championship was only the twelfth day. Real scoring machine and fellow soccer salah.

Riyas Mahruse

A happy player, aggressive midfielder or Algerian right winger Quimper to Le Havre or Leicester, has seen a meteor shower. Manchester City pensioner, 27-year-old England champion It is already proven that according to Pep Guardiola's instruction, this list is included in the list of citizens. Holder has scored six goals in 11 games. This season he has scored four goals. Despite the fact that the Spanish technician was more convinced than the beginning of this law, Riaz Mahr would become even better.

Wilfred Saw

Since January 2017, we know the exciting start of international Ivory, striker Crystal Palace Seva, Saha (10 games and three goals). She is one of the strikers' clubs on the club's best artist's Ivory Coast. Manchester United Manchester United was the top scorer in the African continent. He managed to get a better position in this ranking.

Compared to the previous players, other African executives have experienced a slow start in the season. Despite the poor form of the club's soccer side, Jean McClelly scored goal in the 12th match. The temporary 20 of the standing.

In this list of Africans who can improve in the future, we also notice Beninis Huddlerfield Steve Maine, Nigerian Victor Moss, Moroccan Defender, Wolverhampton, Romance Saez, or Gibinan player Liverpool N 'aby Kaita.

Many African players are happy, and they are equal in England. Some people tend to evolve into clubs that can help their progress. Others related to the English dream, raise a sharp shirt in the humble clubs to keep the Premier League championship.

Thus, some people will slow their growth, others will be midnight to achieve their goals.

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