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"Yellow Vestes": Philip stills to hold his "cap" with no continuing additions


On November 17, 2018, the Puy-de-Velay Prefecture put the Yellow Yellow & # 39;

November 17, 2018 / AFP, Puy-de-Velay Prefecture in front of "Yellow Westerns"

Edward Phillip has heard of "anger" and "misery" in the context of collecting "Yellow Dresses", but to keep "cap", and in many areas the obstacles and thorns continue on Monday.

"As the head of the government, a government that runs without pedestrian crossings will have nothing to do with France 2.

The Emanuel MacRon has reduced taxes and paid better jobs, and the Prime Minister also announced more tax contamination.

"The way we have set it, it's good, we will keep it," "anger," "trouble", "lack of hope" and the 290,000 people who have performed on Saturday against the increase in fuel taxes.

Sunday's compilation was very low, but Mondlmar and Salton-sar-soyon, Can, Le Mans, and elsewhere in the west, New Aquitaine or Wouquell, or weekly.

In the evenings, the nun was "yellow", which was prevented from passing trucks by Dennis's oil satellite, Vance France-Sen-Sec.

Nearly 46,000 protesters protested near France. Earlier in the day there were yellow colored dresses before 290,000 people.

Sunday's Ministry of Home Affairs has not even given a picture of the number of protesters. The 150 sites demanded that the protesters renew their movement.

In Canal, the jentors intervened to break thousands of "yellow dresses" on an interchange in the south of the city.

In many places, the "Monday" movement indicated that "yellow" is still in Brooddow (How-Low) or Morbi. In Mills A28, trucks and farmers declared a union to block access.

On Saturday protesters blocked motorways, roundabouts, hypermarkets or organized free toll operations. The "yellow beetles" went to Elizi, where the police used the tear gas.

Yellow Yellow & # 39; Report of 17 November / AFP Day

"Yellow Westerners": A report published on November 17 / AFP

At least 63 people were killed and 400 wounded in the blaze. Several people were injured, including 14 policemen. 282 people were arrested.

"Freedom of expression is not anarchy," Philip Philip said.

On Sunday, a protestor was seriously wounded near Quinn (Aesen) on the site.

If the "yellow dresses" failed to paralyze France, the whole area affected the weekend by organizing their activities, outside parties and unions.

On Saturday, Emmanuel MacRon and Edoor Philip stood before Christoph Kastanar. According to Elizi, the head of the nation visiting Germany on Sunday, November 18, did not speak with the "responsibility of dignity" on the day of remembrance of martyrs.

– "they understood"

November 18, 2018 / AFP in St-Herblin near Nancy

November 18, 2018 / AFP in St-Herblin near Nancy

"The head of state has already spoken and will talk again," he said, "and he intends to be in a state of emergency", said Cohen Territorian minister Jackin Gowrolt.

Despite the budget cuts approved by the budget minister, the need for direct environmental transformation was sent to François D. Rugi or Gerald Darman.

According to a survey by journalist Damon Daimanch, 62% of the French believe that even in the coming years energy will be "faster priority."

The president of the National Rally (RN), Mary Le Pen, called the government "to make a quick decision" to "restore peace" which was not displayed Saturday.

Republican president Laurent Wouquise said. Republican President Leon Voukis said. Sunday afternoon. "We have to take the initiative of taxation," said François Barroe, president of the Meyers' Association President (LR).

Some of the elected officials from the extreme right to the left were dressed in yellow, with the protesters. Vauquis Pai-en-Vale, France Insomis Jean-Luc Mélenchon Concord.

In the Union Party, Immanuel McConn, head of CFDT Lorand Berger, called "very fast" unions, employers and organizations to "create a social contract for ecological conversion".

Edward Philip an idea threatened on Sunday: "I do not think that yellow flowers are a big assemblage of politicians and union officials.


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