Monday , August 2 2021

& # 39; Flu Shot During Chemotherapy & # 39; | Interior

Womes says that Bregen and Cologne cancer have been diagnosed with Targoi Hospitals, Newborn's St. Antonio's Hospital and its own & # 39; hospital & # 39; What do patients say after research. She also included 117 GPs in her study, in which she obtained her doctorate last week.

Many people who are cancerous are wondering whether they are useful for getting the flu shot or being harmful. That is, Womens, general practitioners or cancer experts confirm annual recurring questions in the consulting room. She asked for an answer and concluded that patients with breast and colon cancer passing through chemotherapy usually have a good immune response to the flu shot. "In which I note that vaccination to breast cancer patients is just a few days after chemotherapy for influenza."

The number of deaths increases during the winter period

Every year more than 17,000 women (and even men) are diagnosed with breast cancer; 8500 men and 6700 women hear every year that they have developed the form of colon cancer. According to the researcher, statistics show more mortality in patients with cancer during the winter period – and certainly at the time of influenza disruption. His study did not focus on the form of blood cancer or lymph.

Miriam Womes has found that GP Often do not know if their patient passes chemotherapy at the time of influenza vaccination. For that she advocates that the oncologist offers advice on the patient's oncologist flu shot.

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