Wednesday , August 4 2021

& # 39; Superclassico & # 39; Boca injured players in attack on bus Now

Some players of Boca Juniors were injured on Saturday after spraying a player bus with tear gas and tear gas-fired river plate supporters. This incident happened an hour before Copa Libertadores returning to the final.

Some windows of the player bus were killed and one player got the glass in his eye. Doctors were asked to investigate further related players. It is suspected that the & # 39; superclassico & # 39; Whether it will continue on Saturday

South American Football Association Conamble has decided to suspend the game for one hour. Kick-off is now scheduled for 22:00 Dutch time.

Boca Juniors officials can not play "Almost all players are victims, and they are settled, most of them can not take action."

Match ended in draw

Two weeks ago, the game ended 2-2 in the final battle of the Copa Libertadores. On behalf of Boco Junior Raman Abilah and Dario Benedetto scored. Lucas Pratto and Carlos Esquirodos (their goal) were very accurate on the river's plate.

The first game in the final was to cancel before two weeks. Due to heavy rains, the Bo Boca Stadium La Bombonnera field was inappropriate.

For the last time in 2007, Boca Juniors won the Copa Libertadores six times. In 2015, the river's plate was the strongest for the third time in this tournament. Argentine rivals face each other for the first time in the Champions League's South American currency final.

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