Saturday , September 24 2022

Announces the absence of heating – AVX showtime


John Heating is his choice to not compete against Ryan Gravenbor for AYK Athens Under-16 in the Youth League for selectors. Inside football Explains the AJAX-course flagship coach, that everyone has to do with the encouragement for the individual.

Grewenbark often played in Youth League, but on Tuesday it was not suddenly present. He did not want to use the term passed by heating for a reason, he certainly told us to excite each genius. "Those choices are made" were his words. & # 39; We have the choice of forty players from which we can choose. There are also boys under 19, who are not in the base yet. & # 39;

& # 39; It develops talent and talent. Youth League is the most beautiful phase to show you, Hitia has continued, who told the match against the strong team and the necessary encouragement for each player. & # 39; Young Ajax plays against FC Tavant and is promoting (Greyberg, ed.) Also. An away match in the evening … then you look at the schedule of Under-19 and Young Ajax and see where personal encouragement is. & # 39;

Ajax TV

In conversation with Ajax TV Hiting asked to celebrate the historic 1-8 win in Athens with every victory with light drinks. After that, focus is & # 39; Race of the Year & # 39; Or on the mini-classic which will end in Rotterdam on Saturday. "I do not need to encourage anyone for that. We had a good general and we have to win there."

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