Friday , August 19 2022

Beauty about Urgenda


In the Urja enda case the Dutch took charge in the Supreme Court. Minister Eric Webs (Economics and Weather, VVD) announced on Friday. The thing that was going to go to Kasaragod was already known.

The Heague Court of Appeals rejected further refusal to reduce CO 2's emissions2 To resist. On the basis of this statement, the government limits freedom to determine how low it is. The matter for the Supreme Court is the matter of principle, after the ministers, the Vice said. "In the highest possible time, we need to know if a judge can sit in such a chair of politics as such."

He writes that by 2020 the government would continue to "steering" to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions by 2020. But experts can not achieve this goal.

The Argentine director Margaretz is not surprised at the cabinet decision to go to Kasargode. "The government always says that defense is mere principle." It is called "no longer reliable". Since 2015, when the success of the first generation of energy, greenhouse gas emissions did not significantly diminish, but Hansema dedicates it. "If the interests of the states are only about the principle, the Cabinet has already taken important steps to limit the hurdle."

Climate change is a "real and serious" danger that should protect the citizen, but last month Hague was acquitted by the court. International coordination was lower by 25 per cent, according to the corporation2Emissions need at least a minimum against climate change, and if emissions are not sufficiently sufficient, two major fundamental rights are at stake. The right to live from the European Convention on Human Rights and the right to life for a private or family life told the court.

The government believes this argument is centered on international contracts for "major consequences" for climate policy, and "other policy decisions".

The Supreme Court will now consider the case. The best judicial judge to determine whether law and statutory laws have been applied correctly.

In 2015, the court ordered a case against the Darcy government. The approach of this process is to allow the government to do more against climate change. Whigga was right in the court right on the first occasion. In October, The Hague Court accepted the Urgenda Foundation once more. The Urgenda verdict is applied as an international amendment. First, a country has been forced to work hard against climate change. The current policy is not even for Urgenda. "We have commissioned the research to reduce emissions by 15 percent by 2020." The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency has pointed out.2As a result of strong economic growth.

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