Monday , May 29 2023

Buma criticized the Bruce Party Congress of the VVD Minister NOW


The CDA leader Sybrand Buma on Saturday at his party conference on Saturday pulled wildly Minister Bruno Bruins VVD. Without Bruins laughing at the name, Buma condemned the events surrounding the bankrupt MC IJsselmeer hospitals and MC Slotervaart hospitals.

"This could not have happened, this was to be avoided," said Buma.

Among other things, he mentioned the description of "blaze", a rating for Bruins for MC Slotervaart who criticized him last week. Buma says the problem is a "liberal return thinking" that has gone too far.

Buma referred to a party member and MP Joba van den Berg that hospitals in the area no longer simply disappear, "without thinking about how to guarantee the care of the region."

The entire house supported Van den Berg's movement. – And we'll keep the closet there.

Ruth Peetom's party chair waved

Party chairman Ruth Peetoom announced his departure. In springtime, there are up to two conditions, so he holds the February conference in February.

A topic that did not come to Buma and Peetoom's words was the apology of rooted children and children. In Brunssum, CDA Irene Plas draws the party's "open wound". "It's not a word about it, it's incredibly alive, it's hidden," he concludes.

In the election program, the CDA did not talk about childish apology. It offers outsiders to ignore their departure obligation, according to the party.

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