Saturday , June 10 2023

Enrique Iglesias kissed the lover of kissed fans


In the first, there is a worshiper in the shooting stage and pearls. That is why 39 years old Joselino It has already done characters, she says Show news. The moment came at the time of his concert at Sigoto Domayle on Friday night. At the time of the hit Hero And he trampled her, and they danced in one another. "I thought, 'Is this true? What should I do now?'

In advance, she never doubted her imagination. I thought: & # 39; I'm doing it when I get there. He did not return, so I got up and put him on his bed! "The question Iglesias If she is married, & # 39; no, I have a boyfriend, he's no problem. But I mean: he thinks this is true! Of course he will allow me, Enrique Iglesias may make me a slander. "

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