Saturday , January 16 2021

Farmer Jan campaign Robinson won 2018

After the week of the conflict, suffering from starvation and fighting hard on the island, all the final ceremonies gathered together for the grand ceremony once at the Zigoggo Domaine. And that's definitely amazing!

During this show, along with all the participants of the season will be followed in a major role with three finalists in the lead role. But there's only one who is really an evening star, and that's John! Down-to-World Farmer knows how to beat former Gregory Sedouck and student Dominique Hazelger and identify himself as Campaign Robinson's 2018 winner.

It is also a special evening for the presenter Dennis Wening, because this is the last time that he is allowed to present the program. "An enormous farewell to the most beautiful program I've ever created," he writes on Insert Instagram. "I am proud of seven wonderful years and I enjoy this great endeavor completely."

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