Friday , June 18 2021

Foreign media reports about Pete's riots

Photo: ANP

In the last weekend, the Cynthlas race took the cruel boundaries in various cities and abroad. Many prominent English media are on Monday at the Netherlands & # 39; Blackface & # 39; Focused on riots.

US website The Hill records dozens of arrests in various cities because protesters are supporters of the "controversial Dutch tradition". The Hitler Salute was brought to the site when it arrived at the Sentrylasses and mentioned the site about two men arrested at Horne.

The newsletter also reports about the riots in the Netherlands. Darjeeling piètel In this story, the UN refers to the UN report in 2015 because many black people are suffering from WD. The magazine says about the Colonial past in the Netherlands.

Following the division of the Netherlands, the British newspaper & # 39; s Swiss newspaper & # 39; Independent discussion & # 39; s. In Pyate's account, the newspaper reports that "racist reasons such as Galliagg and Little Black Sambo remain very bad." Now there are controversial differences between older children's books.

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