Monday , March 20 2023

Glow iudover attracts 750,000 interested parties interior


The light of the film light artist Kari Kolla is Kala Project & # 39; sing Blue & # 39; Which was a part of the program. Every night, the sky of the city was found in deep blue and comet colors. Other public funerals in Light Tower (from Town of Light, from Eindhoven), Catherinect (Convelance, and Portugal). In addition to the large international light art, there are a number of indentured designers, artists and technicians.

The first time the festival organized a photo contest in Instagram. Looking at the most beautiful picture of Suning Blue through the Cory cola. Hans from Gouda performed well through Tiben, the festival and the artist.

The Festival last year attracted 740,000 visitors. Glove Indindu, which will be hosting the venue in 2019, will be held from November 9-16.

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