Saturday , October 1 2022

Great start for Dortmund, Bose and Wegurst; Hangover for other Dutch people


Vice champion Borussia Dortmund has launched the new season of the Bundesliga in a new flash. FC Gusberg was up 5-1 in front of their own audience. Peter Bose's Bayer Leverkusen also started with a victory. Davey Klassen has a hangover in the first round of the game.

Borussia Dortmund – Gusberg 5-1
Dortmund managed to get the ball out of the net thirty seconds later, as ss Gusberg hit in the first attack. The home team was not in good shape defensively, allowing Florian Knuderlacht to close out an 0-1 lead. Dortmund did not repair the damage, two minutes later Paco Alcacer equalized.

Dortmund then took a long time to separate from Gusberg. Only after the break did the previous season differ from the No. 2 seed. Jadon Sancho took advantage of the misunderstanding of Gusberg's goalkeeper and shot 2-1 in the 51st minute. Then he moved quickly. A few minutes later Marco Reus made it 3-1 and Elcasser made it 4-1 in the 59th (!) Minute.

Dortmund finished the game at a comfortable pace, though the team still had more goals. Newcomer Julian Brandon scored just 5-1 in the final.

Leverkusen – Padbourn 3-2
Peter Bose took the lead twice in the match against Padbourne, but gave it up twice too fast. Ten minutes later Leon Bailey made it 1-0 at Kevinland's instructions.

After a few minutes, though, Sven Mitchell was right again. Super Talent Kai Hewartz soon brought Liverkusen happy faces again, but the 2-1 joy was short lived. After less than half an hour, Strelley Mba produced the equalizer for Padbourn.

Leverkusen van Booze tapped from a distinctly different angle in the second half and often stayed close to the third lead. Padbourn rarely became dangerous. Time was running out for the home team, but everything went well in the final. Woland, who made it 1-0, gave his team the first three points of the season at the instruction of Brazilian Wendell.

Wolfsburg – FC Callen 2-1
Wout Wegurst also could well back in the first round of the new season. His team VFL Wolfsburg 1. Managed to defeat 1. FC Kern with pain and effort: 2-1.

It was not all that Wolfsburg showed, but the opportunities created were all turned into goals. Coleen, where Kingsley Ehizibue (formerly PEC Zwolle) started in the bases, looked for a Maximum Minute Game with Maximilian Arnold, who was pulled out after being edged from the front of his foot: 1-0.

Shortly after the break Wagerst doubled the score. The Dutchman found the ball happy, but he was cool when it came to goalkeeper Tim Horn. Simon Terrod made the game attractive in the final, but three runs was no longer a threat.

Werder Bremen – Dual Solderf 1-3- 1-3
The World Bremen, in a starting line-up with Klaasen, had a bad start to the season with a home-1-3 defeat against Fortuna D'Aldorf. By Raven Hennings, the visitors faced the lead after more than half an hour.

Milot Rashika was important after the break for the equalizer of Werder Bremen, but things went wrong for the home team within twelve minutes. Canon Kerman and Kahn Ahn earned De Sildorf the first win of the season with two good goals.

Freiburg – Mainz 0-3
Jean-Paul Bottius and newcomer Jeremiah St Just have also started the new season dramatically. Two Dutchmen with their team suffered a painful loss to SC Freiburg: it went 3-0.

Menz completely abandoned the game in the final stages. Only 81 minutes later Freiburg managed to score a goal by Lucas Holler. Two minutes later it went 2-0 and ended with a 3-0 lead in the 87th minute.

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