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Homes with mothers along with surgeon may be in IVF clinics next year


Laws are still very strict. Young couples do not qualify to unite a child. Often they are foreigners to fulfill their desire to have children. It is no longer required according to the D Monitor Monitoring Program.

MCC in Leaderdorp and NG Gargain in Elizaore Connervens was surgeryed for couples in 2019. Many clinics are still considering they offer IVF surrogacy for gay couples.

Children want it

Denise wants to go to Canada with her partner video. Dennis: "Our relationship has dominated our children's desire for five years, and in the end we became a father with the help of others, a popular protest and a lot of patience."

Most people have a similar problem. More than just the child's desire, there was a platform for children and lesbians. "There were over 150 people in the room, and all the children were more interested and easier and better than this process in the Netherlands."

Strict Conditions

NGO's two years before it was to create an IVF surrogacy under strict condition for homosexual parents.

"Dozens of couples have every year we approach doctors with this request, but from now on in the Netherlands it is not possible, men are forced to go abroad," says gynecologist Anjep Nap, professor group.

Legal red tape

Clinics with mental and legal care are particularly cautious. Doctors worry that parents or parents who wish to do something wrong with or after the mistake have been legally guarded.

For example, a creative mother is sorry and can not give up the child. From a statutory perspective, this is the birth of the baby, that is why the mother of the Dutch law.

Limit risk risks

The Committee recommended recommendation for re-evaluation of the scheme two years ago to include a specific scheme for surrogate in Dutch law. All of these should limit the risks.

One of the recommendations will ensure the rights of the coming parents and children. A delineate mother should remarry from the court for six more weeks to dismiss the sural contract. She must have a good argument. It is a difficult issue that politicians have not decided yet.

There is no parental authority

Sky was born in August last year. In the same year, he was admitted to RS Virus Hospital after lung infection. "Our carrier had legal guardians at that time, so we were not allowed to stay in the hospital and stay in the hospital." After the birth of this couple, Sky had been in custody for a long legal process.

"It is a pleasure for parents to change their relationship with homosexuals in the clinics, but the legislation must be adjusted," Dennis says. "For example, if you have a surgeon or a mother, the egg cells can not find themselves from the fetus, but they can not make an adequate appeal, which is punishable."

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