Wednesday , January 27 2021

HP Specter Provides 15-Convertible OLEDD Screen – Computer – News

HP will provide the latest resourcing of its specter 15. "- Convertible with an OLED screen. Manufacturer sells all the variants with LCD, but now Old becomes an option. New screen can display HDR images and support DAC P3 color space , Which is larger than the normal SRGB color space.

On the Opera screen, the Specter X360 has been made by Samsung, which is rumored to have recently built old panels for laptops and monitors. Resolution is 3840×2160 pixels and the screen can display full color dci-p3 color space. HDR also has support for display of content, but HP has not announced whether certification such as panel display gets HDR.

In December, HP named the "Df" with 15 "specter X360, and the laptop is now the previous model from the beginning of 2018 with the Kabie Lake G processors, but Intel CPU and Nvidia are not equipped with GPU.In the entry-level model, whiskey lake Generation and Quococor I7 processor from MX-150 Jeep, while the more expensive models are the hexacore i7-8750H processor and the GTX 1050 Ti video card is still improved Is not known how much of the old option costs and delivers HP hardware, HP indicated that a particular screen, the HPA has suggested that oeladidi screen will be available in March.

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