Thursday , October 21 2021

Lille & # 39; Klein: & # 39; My mother has done many bad things & # 39;


Did Johnny De Mall go for his television program Where Is the Mall? Lill & # 39; Klein and his brand new Fangi together with Jayme Tanzania. But during this impressive journey, rapper, Merton was also with this company. Jorrick's mother, Ripper's true name, shines with absence. Wrapper has obvious reasons for this.

Zorich's presenter Johnny confidently said, "My mother did many bad things with her kids like me." "You do not do those things with a child. None, especially with your own child." In his opinion, his relationship with his mother is now a thing of the past. "I've already stopped it at a young age, and I can work hard on it, but I do not feel like that anymore."

Because her mother is not present in her life, her father has everything for her. "I am grateful for everything", she says lovingly about her father. "My life is now in my father's sign, until it is not there." After that, rapper becomes very emotional when it comes to his father. "I believe in my father. For me, my father is God."

Jörick has raised her father very high, and Johnny reminds her that if she was not there, her youth may look different. "I think I was not there anymore", the music legend admits.

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