Tuesday , March 2 2021

Mariëlle for an emotional audition in The Voice

When anchor Vendi speaks to Maria, who is a nurse for her performance, she seems to have chosen a special song for her: Thomas only looks like Siske Dee Rat. "She explains who I really is and what I know about the past.

Her life applies, because she both lost her parents. She was two years old when her mother died. Her father was still there until her death and refuge was there. "It came too soon, but he was not sick, had a heart attack, but broken heart", said the singer.

Now that the 25-year-old is over, the candidate finally finds time to show more time. The sound of Holland will help her with her. "I think this is your full time", Vendie is backing her.

When the Mariëlle song starts, it is completely silent in the studio. The four members of the jury have been confused about the duration of dancing. Leila & Clean and Ali bin are looking back. Yes!

She thinks it is especially fun and adventurous. She also loves her team too. "Join Cseke Dee Rate with the Team", called the Amsterdam shop. The chat seems to work, because Lil Clean is now officially called Maryl Coach.

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