Saturday , October 1 2022

Missing "religious" couple | Internal


According to this man's sister, the couple suffers from severe forms of religious insanity and have been preparing for "the end of the world" for months.

He is 39-year-old Marcel Brietzke, a native German but already living in the Netherlands for 26 years and his 41-year-old wife, Andrea, from Nijkerke, is worried.

Their children are 9.12.15 and 17 years old. The couple wanted to leave earlier, but were then stopped. The Child Protection Board had previously taken the children out of the home.

The man's sister has since made a call on Facebook asking to find his brother and his wife, the newspaper writes.

Religion madness

He writes on Facebook; "My brother and his wife left on Tuesday and left their 4 children behind. They are mentally ill (religious madness). They are reported missing! The children miss their mother and father. Fortunately they are now in good place and in good hands! ! "

Bald comes to Jesus

There is a site in Marseille called "Bald Ising Jesus" or the Second Coming of Jesus. He then writes that "we" are suffering from high rents, expensive food, economic crisis, bird flu, etc. He writes that Jesus will come to us quickly and end all problems. The end of time will be near, though he does not call a date.

Marcel is also active on Twitter. His last messages are about "corrupt Germany."

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