Monday , May 29 2023

Morgan shocked by using language use ratband


Emal Rattbland Monday was a guest Pierce Morgan (53) Humble Susanna Reed (47) points out that his intention to reduce his age by 20 years is reasonable because his passport seems to be younger than the age of his passport.

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"You can not change your birthday, your birthday is really a reality", Susanna's dutting guest role suggested. Now try to show that sex change is now very normal. "You're born a little pretty girl, you're so cute now, but you may feel like a man, you need a dick." Morgan then decided to stop Darken. "Sorry, I'm from the continent", responded to Rathlamphand. Morgan: "I'm afraid Holland can not be brought here," pear joke.

Morgan makes a joke about it on Twitter pearls. "We only allow one eye witness at one of our shows," says the anchor, an article Daily Express About the event. The newspaper uses the drug drugs and drugs.

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