Thursday , June 8 2023

Mount Digital Research Data iodine sick can not be seen now


Accused Webcam Ropper, Abdul C, does not include digital research in his case. The amsterdam court decided on Thursday.

C. On Monday, with the help of his lawyer Robert Melväes, the similar attempts were made to make the properties even after publishing such applications. C. He must be able to prove his innocence.

It was about the data found on computers and other data carriers that Tilburger was detained there on January 13, 2014. He says data can not prove that he is not a criminal. Hard drives would have been obtained from others.

However, in order to prove his application, The Public Prosecution Service (OM) had earlier already stated that all the culprits involved in criminal cases have been linked to criminal offenses.

Forty-five-year-old C. Singh Hearing Hearing on Thursday He should attend the trial at the start of his trial on Monday.

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