Saturday , June 10 2023

New Year's Eve turns on the maideter ring


Interesting news from the world of martial arts: Floyd Mayavatar signed a contract for Japan's New Year's Eve. It will be a MMA fight.

Condor McGrour or Qabeeb Noorum Gomedov at this time, but 20-year-old Kinboxer Tenzin Nusakawa.


There are 30 battles for him in Nasikuna. Even though the record is not yet recorded, the 41-year-old man in Raisin has to try it out. Nouakchott 27-0.

Maybeer points out that she is still thinking of a boxing, kick boxing or MMA match. That will decide in the coming weeks. No contracts have been made about the weight of the two.

Not MMA?

Maybeer was in attendance at a press conference in Japan on Sunday. No matter how much the player earned, he did not make any statement. Will fight Saitama Super Arena; The third largest stadium in the world (Indore) is 36,500 people.

There are two out there expecting a MMA fight, due to some MMA training in the past. UFC Champion Terry Woodley has worked with former combatants. He believes Maytather will succeed. Maybeer indicates that he has a strong love for Japan and people because he has a fight in Japan.

Younger and faster

May Watter says he is a "young, very fast" opponent of the puppet, an "awesome Gummaram" who drew him with his physical and mental attitude. Maybehard describes the nasal and good words. The old boxer can beat him while fighting.

In the past, Maybeer had indicated that he wanted to fight Nabe Mugamado, but it seems that the conflict has gone from the background.

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